Our business culture: Viqueira’s mission, vision and values Our business culture: Viqueira’s mission, vision and values


Mission, vision and values

Each and every one of us at Viqueira is aware of the effort it has taken to get this far and the challenges facing us today. What is more, we are convinced that the values instilled by our founder are still relevant today and should be the beacons that guide us into the future.

In addition, we are constantly striving to make our stakeholders aware of and disseminate our business culture and the distinctive nature of the activities we are engaged in.

Mission: make people happy with each project we complete, aim to contribute to the social and economic development of the areas where we operate, always respect the environment and be ethical and trustworthy in the commitments we undertake.

Vision: To be a leading company in the Spanish real estate and tourism market.

Values: Dedication to service, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction have always been part of the values embraced by Viqueira, the main pillars of which have remained intact since its foundation back in 1958. These values are:

  • High standards of quality in every project we carry out.
  • Strict compliance with the commitments made to customers.
  • Careful management of resources and long-term business vision.
  • Family orientation and entrepreneurial spirit.


Viqueira´s mission, vision and values